OMD named best performing global media network
OMD Worldwide
23 March 2022

OMD Takes Top Slot Globally in RECMA Diagnostics Report for Third Consecutive Wave with North America, EMEA, Nordics and Central Eastern Europe Regions All ranking #1


In the latest edition of the highly regarded Network Diagnostics report from RECMA (Research Company Evaluating the Media Agency Industry), Omnicom Media Group agency OMD Worldwide has been named the best performing global media network overall, earning its highest-ever scores and maintaining  a significant lead over the second ranked agency.   This marks the third consecutive wave in which OMD had topped the Diagnostics report, leading RECMA to describe the agency as “a robust and growing leader.”


The diagnostics report is based on the evaluation of 700 agencies in 47 markets. Utilizing 19 KPIs –   including expertise in digital channels, content, data and analytics, and international markets – the report offers a marketing index that goes beyond quantitative metrics such as activity volume or financial results. Participating agencies are ranked both numerically and by the following categories:  Strong Leader, Top Player, Challengers, Mid-Size Players, Mutating Players and Emerging Players.

Increasing its scores from the  October 2022 report,OMD是唯一一家获得“强势领导者”称号的机构,总分为2315分,优质份额为10.7分,这一分数代表了该指标三年来的持续增长,RECMA将该指标定义为机构总分与评估的17个全球媒体机构网络总分之间的比率。


OMD Worldwide首席执行官乔治·马纳斯(George Manas)表示:“随着品牌从两年的疫情中脱颖而出,他们正在重新评估自己的工具、方法和运营,以最好地解决新的消费者不动产问题。反过来,媒体机构所扮演的角色也变得比以往任何时候都更加关键和广泛。”。“本报告证实,OMD拥有引领客户走向未来的人才、能力和平台专业知识,并加快其业务转型议程以推动增长。”

最近几个月提供了充足的证据支持马纳斯的说法,包括 深潜造型aOMD客户如何利用Omni(支持所有Omnicom机构的营销协调平台)实现数字化转型;启动高需求数据和技术咨询实践,帮助客户快速适应商业、隐私和身份领域的变化;以及全球人才名册的变更/增加,以确保新一代领导能力和跨地区、跨国家和跨能力的愿景,包括前贝恩咨询合作伙伴 Blake Cuthbert as CEO of OMD EMEA,  Anisha Ayer as CEO of OMD India, and adding a  Chief Product Officer, Chief Data and Technology Officer and Chief Activation Officer to the OMD USA leadership team.

In addition to its top performance ranking, OMD is also the #1 in RECMA Overall Activity Volume ranking with $36.7 billion and almost 10% of industry shares; OMD was the most medalled agency network at the 2021 Cannes Lions Festival; and is currently the top ranked media agency in the Effies Index, which measures agency effectiveness.

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